I am going to preface this article by saying I am neither a “Food Blogger” nor am I a Restaurant Critic. I am just a person who like certain types of food and enjoys sending a “Shout Out” to places I believe Baldinucci is doing-it-right! Conceptually Pizza by the Slice is nothing new (Costco has been doing it for years). Baldnucci Pizza is doing it in an aesthetic way with beautiful presentation and so many options. So forget about the $3 Slices at Costco (Or whatever they are now) that are somewhat void of flavor and just “filler food”. Set your expectations high for a “Flavor Experience”.

Baldinucci Pizza Romana is a family-owned and operated pizzeria in Austin, Texas that specializes in both Roman and New York-style pizza. They use only the highest quality ingredients, including imported Italian flour, pure olive oil, premium mozzarella, and fresh vegetables. They also offer a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. That’s right GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN are options. What is not to like about that? Something for everyone… well almost everyone.

Roman-Style Pizza – What does that mean?

Roman-style pizza is known for its thin, crispy crust and its light, airy texture. It is typically made with a long-fermentation sourdough starter, which gives it a complex flavor and aroma. The pizza is typically topped with simple ingredients, such as mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

New York-Style Pizza – Gonna dig up a Description of NYC Style Pizza for You too!

New York-style pizza is known for its large, foldable slices and its thick, chewy crust. It is typically made with high-gluten flour, which gives it its distinctive texture. The pizza is typically topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese and a variety of toppings, such as pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and onions.

Baldinucci Pizza by the Slice the easy way to try all the toppings!

Baldinucci Pizza Romana sells their pizza by the slice, which is a popular way to sell pizza in New York City. This allows customers to try a variety of different slices at once.

So what is New York Style Pizza?

“New York Style pizza” typically refers to a style of pizza that originated in New York City. It is characterized by several key features:

  1. Thin Crust: New York Style pizza is known for its thin, hand-tossed crust. The crust is typically crisp along the edges but soft and foldable in the center, allowing it to be easily eaten by hand.
  2. Large Slices: New York Style pizza is often served in large, triangular slices. A single slice is usually substantial enough to fold in half and eat on the go.
  3. Simple Toppings: Traditional toppings for New York Style pizza include tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Additional toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers may be available, but the emphasis is often on simplicity and high-quality ingredients.
  4. Cooking Method: New York Style pizza is typically cooked in a gas-fired deck oven, which produces a crispy crust with slightly charred edges. The oven’s high temperatures and deck design allow for quick cooking times, resulting in a thin, crispy crust.
  5. Serving Style: New York Style pizza is commonly sold by the slice in pizzerias throughout New York City. It is often enjoyed as a quick and affordable meal for lunch or a late-night snack.

Overall, New York Style pizza is beloved for its thin crust, large slices, and classic flavor profile, making it an iconic part of New York City’s culinary scene.

Baldinucci Pizza Website:

Baldinucci Pizza Romana


3300 Bee Caves Rd. Suite 110 West Lake Hills, TX, 78746

Phone Number

(512) 382-1166

Hours of Operation

Open daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Check Site to verify Weekend Hours).

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