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Hello Friends of UntamedAustin™,

Update: The reCaptcha sometimes fails. You can email direct if you prefer to: n o s p a m @ ourdomain dot com. It really sucks having to jump through all these hoops just to contact us we know. Be we are being slammed with BOT SPAM.

Please use this contact form (at the bottom of the page) if you would like to send a PHOTO or submit a Question. Because of the nature of this blog being a “Personal Project and not a full time Gig it may take 24 to 48 hours to get back to you (Longer if traveling or on a weekend).

File Formats you can Send to be Published on Untamed Austin

jpg | png | HEIC | webp

I will consider other formats if needed please send me a message and I will figure out a way to add them. For now the above formats should cover most use cases. I do have the ability to edit some RAW formats, but would prefer not to have to do that in the interest of time.

Maximum File Size

Maximum File Size is 5mb (This should be enough for you to send any Hi-Res Photo from an iPhone or Android Phone. However if you are using a Digital Camera files may be larger unless your edit them. So please make sure your files are not larger than 5mb. Larger files can really bog down my email server and may crash and stall it (And that means your photos would not show up).

Copyright and Credit (What’s in it for you!)

Please do not send in Photographs that you did not take or do not have full copyright permission to send. If you want me to credit your image by Name or Instagram Handle (User Name) please let me know how you want the credit to appear. Instagram Handles can be personal or Business. Otherwise I will not credit in order to protect your privacy.

LInking Back to Your Instagram

Remember to send your Instagram Handle in the form of “@yourinstagram”. If you do this I will put a link back to you and I will follow your account.

What Kind of Photos Are We Looking to Publish

Basically anything that has something to do with Austin. Real photos of places, people, events. Be creative And yes you can send a photo of your Business especially if is a Bar, Restaurant, Bricks and Mortar Store, Not-For-Profit, School. Basically anything you want Take a moment to include in your message where you were and what is in the Photo when you send it in. The usual Nons apply – no hatred, no disparagement, no bullying, no political views, etc. I a not interested in censoring anything but this is a Pubicly viewable website that those under 18 will likely also visit.

Send a few not a 100 at a time. Just one photo is as good as 10. And do not worry about how good it is… I can edit well enough to make most photos look good. Trust yourself. Everyone has an inner artist waiting to break out.

Why Not Link Directly To YOUR Other Sites or Business?

That is a valid question and here is the answer: In the past I have run many sites and blogs People get super excited and pour their hearts and souls into many projects…THEN LIFE HAPPENS. They get married, move to a new location or job and their enthusiasm and time to maintain their sites ends. And I ended up with a lot of broken links to fix I simply do not have the time to go back and search for broken links. Instagram is going to be around for a while. Simple as that.


Not every photograph will or can be published. By submitting Photographs to UntamedAustin™ you agree you are the legal owner of he images submitted and have permission to submit the photos including permission from any people in the photographs that were taken in private non-public places. UntamedAustin™ is not a Photo Agency or Reseller of images. The sole purpose of photographs is to publish on UntamedAustin™ for he viewing pleasure of our visitors.

Contact Form Starts Here

Sadly Photos MUST be uploaded 1-at-a-time (It’s a software limitation), but you can also zip several together and submit the Zip File as long as all the photos in the Zip File total less than 5mb.