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UntamedAustin™ is a “Project”… primarily a Photo Blog with the intent of showcasing the UNSEEN side of Austin primarily through the use of Street Photography.. The purpose of being photograph driven instead of text is to provide a non-touristy look at the City of Austin and Surrounding Area in a more interesting way. Explore Discover Uncover what ever it is you want to know about Austin through pictures. We are not your typical boring Austin “Guide”… at least we hope not.

Credit Where Credit is Due

The idea to create the UntamedAustin™ Project was due to inspiration from the World’s Greatest Personal Chef. An amazing and talented individual whose intellect and personal passion are not just motivating they are awe inspiring. I am privileged to call this person my friend. Their passion and love of life touched my soul years back and still burns strong. The person I think of first upon awaking and right before I go to sleep. You know exactly who you are and I continue to learn so much from your example of how to live a life full of purpose – thank you for motivating me to create this Homage to your greatness as a human… my favorite human. Life is so much better because of you.

There are no claims implied or implicit in the Artistic Merit of this site. It exists because it can exist. The intent is to inspire and/or inform the visitor to learn more about Austin Texas. Being slightly Autistic and a “Visual Learner” I have always found when I am shown how to do something I learn faster and retain the information better than when I just read about it.

So Why Make a Photo Blog About Austin?

The better question is Why NOT? Do people really want to see the same old places over promoted and hyped or do people wan to take a “REAL” look at the City of Austin and surrounding areas? That’s up for YOU to decide. It doesn’t appear anyone wants to “talk” about “REAL ISSUES” facing the city and we do not either… We want to showcase them with images and let the photos do the talking… Real Gritty perhaps even thought provoking PHOTOGRAPHS. See Austin as it is not how the PR Marketing Machine wants you to believe it is.

UntamedAustin™ is Not a Corporate Monster

This website is a small personal project driven by passion and purpose not Corporate Greed. The intent is to do it just because I can and to share it with others So many people are moving here and are only focused on the “Hype”. There are for sure some great things going on in Austin all the time… but there is also a real downside. The Climate can overwhelm you with extreme heat and even cold.

Austin is a better place than Dallas for avoiding Dangerous Weather… but it still happens. Growth has resulted in Crazy expensive housing market and God and Everyone Else who has ever been here knows that TRAFFIC is a nightmare. The Public Transportation system is WEAK. The Urban Planning over the years leaves a lot to be desired and there is a real possibility of WATER SHORTAGES over the next few decades.

UntamedAustin™ is Different Not Weird

UntamedAustin™ – what does that mean? It means the side of Austin that the Touristy Sites Ignore. The side that is NOT pretty… or sometimes is pretty, but just overlooked. Austin is not weird it’s different.

“Discover the “Untamed” side of Austin Texas in Photographs” was going to be the tagline, but YIKES it’s just too long. So we came up with the word or phrase “Undone Photography”. It’s undone because as the City evolves so do the issues and the Photography documenting those issues.

Viewing Austin from another view another perspective an Undone Perspective is overdue.  Experiencing Austin Texas in a way that is RAW, REAL, and UNPOLISHED.  See the city and surrounding areas as they really are not hyped marketing ad-speak. YES pretty much trying to cover the city and surrounding area in this manner.

UntamedAustin™ is a Photo Experience With Commentary

Untamed Austin™ is a Photography Blog emphasizing Street Photography incorporating just enough commentary to “tell a story” about what you are seeing with a goal of letting the imagery speak for itself.  What we are not is another guide for what to do, where to go, or what to see in Austin Texas. There are already plenty of guides promoting events, nightlife, hotels, and restaurants.

Use Untamed Austin™ to EXPLORE what it’s like to actually be here.  Our goal is to showcase the undone, overlooked, and undiscovered areas visitor guides ignore.

Keep it Weird  is in our opinion too polarizing a phrase to use in our context but Keep it Real,  Keep it Authentic are more in line with our guiding principals and values.

Decide for yourself! Decide if you want another Touristy experience reading about the bats under the bridge or a review of one more restaurant or hotel? I’m not into that stuff. But perhaps you are? I’m sure you will find your way to the many many Glossy only talk about the fluffy stuff sites.

Do You Have Photos You Would Like Us To Publish?

Would you like to participate?  We are working towards allowing you to upload many of your own photographs along with a link to  your Instagram Account. Authentic real images (From ordinary people… phone photos are just fine) are welcome, overt advertising or spam is not.  Please keep your promotion on your Instagram. Looking at ways to automate this process so our visitors can participate. We will probably just use email on our Contact page for now but will automate and simplify the process later.

We are not looking for Polished Professional images, but they are welcome… we want REAL normal every day interesting content. You will be credited for the images by providing a link back to your Instagram Page.

Super Vague Uninteresting Look at The Primary Contributor

Untamed Austin™ is project by Aireous (That’s me).

Who I am: Photographer, Content Creator, Story Teller, Writer, Time Traveler, Nutrition Biohacker,  Street Scholar, Lover of Furry Creatures, and advocate of the Autonomous Human Experience.  I invest in People.  Barriers to Human Evolution can be overcome one kind deed at a time. Practice Empathy!

So now you know a bit more… go look at some photos and enjoy. Thanks