Austin Bars on 6th Street (The Main Entertainment District) draw visitors from all over he country to enjoy great live music and delicious food. It’s worth mentioning that UntamedAustin™ is not a local guide or a tourist guide. We really just want to document what real Austin looks like through the use of Photographs. The intent of our site it to let the Photographs do the talking. The reality however is there needs to be some textual context with some Photographs to help develop understanding of what is being viewed.

Because 6th Street is so well known (There is even a website dedicated specifically to it) we would be remiss to not mention it. I tend to avoid Touristy areas or areas with crowds of people in general. I like to be home by Sunset. But that’s me and the definitely is not who 6th Street appeals to, The following is a general overview of what you will find as is not intended to be anything more. We are a place to vew photos not read the latest review about an Entertainment establishment.

6th Street: Austin’s Historic Entertainment District

6th Street is a historic entertainment district in Austin, Texas. It is known for its bars, clubs, restaurants, and live music venues. The street is also home to a variety of other businesses, including shops, theaters, and hotels.

History of Austin Bars & Clubs

6th Street was originally called Pecan Street. It was renamed 6th Street in the early 1900s. The street became a popular destination for entertainment in the 1960s and 1970s. It was home to a number of blues and rock clubs, and it was a major stop for touring musicians.

In the 1980s, 6th Street began to decline. Many of the clubs and businesses closed, and the street became known for its crime and violence. However, in recent years, 6th Street has undergone a revival. New businesses have opened, and the street has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Your Safety Concerns

According to a 2022 report by the Austin Police Department, 6th Street is generally safe to walk at night. However, the report also states that there have been a number of recent incidents of crime and violence on the street. The report recommends that people take precautions, such as staying in well-lit areas and avoiding walking alone.

Number of People Also Enjoying Austin Bars & Clubs on Any Given Night

The number of people on 6th Street varies depending on the day of the week and the time of year. On a slow night, there may be only a few hundred people on the street. On a busy night, there can be upwards of 100,000 people.

Curfew and Common Sense

There is no curfew on 6th Street. However, the Austin Police Department does have a policy of clearing the street after midnight on weekends. This is done to prevent crime and disorder.

Hours Austin Bars and Clubs Stay Open

The businesses on 6th Street typically open at 11am and close at 2am. However, some bars and clubs stay open later.

Limited Parking on Some Parts of 6th Street

There is limited street parking on 6th Street. There are also a number of parking garages in the area. Parking can be expensive, especially on weekends.

Businesses Other than Bars & Clubs

Here are some of the businesses on 6th Street:

  • Bars: There are hundreds of bars on 6th Street, ranging from small, dive bars to large, dance clubs.
  • Restaurants: There are also many restaurants on 6th Street, serving a variety of cuisines.
  • Theaters: There are a few theaters on 6th Street, including the Paramount Theatre and the Austin Film Society Cinema.
  • Live music venues: 6th Street is home to a number of live music venues, including Stubb’s BBQ and ACL Live at the Moody Theater.
  • Retail: There are also a number of retail stores on 6th Street, selling clothes, souvenirs, and other items.
  • Other services: There are also a number of other businesses on 6th Street, including hotels, hostels, and souvenir shops.

Personal and property crime is Low But It Still Happens

According to the Austin Police Department, the crime rate on 6th Street is higher than in other parts of the city. However, the overall crime rate in Austin is relatively low.

Cost of entertainment

The cost of entertainment on 6th Street varies depending on the type of establishment. Bars and clubs can be expensive, especially on weekends. Restaurants are generally more affordable.

Overall, 6th Street is a vibrant and exciting entertainment district. It is a great place to go for live music, dancing, and bar hopping. However, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions, such as staying in well-lit areas and avoiding walking alone.