These “AI Fashion Models” are NOT Human they are generated by Artificial Intelligence. I saw them on a post that hit my Twitter Wall and did a little investigating. As a Photographer who has been shooting people for a very long time now this i a bit alarming. As the technology evolves society devolves. Clearly these were not generated by Women. Have we arrived at a point in time where the value of a woman is marginalized to the point of being nothing more than a pretty smile and a pair of over-sized breasts?  What is the message being sent here?

Will AI Fashion Models take over the Fashion Industry? Why hire real people when you can set up an account at some Tech Firm and create Virtual Modes with any proportion you want to display your latest product line? I have some real mixed feelings about all the Tech that has taken over our lives. Everyone spending countless hours staring a their phones trying to communicate with other humans electronically while they are actually surrounded by them in real life. Will there be enough Mental Heath Physicians to deal with the aftermath? Who knows?