Yep I have been reading Reddit again!

It probably should not come as a surprise that a person who blogs also reads. I am a veracious reader, and besides being outside on my Bike or a Skateboard or in my RV or or or… I like to read. Today I came across a Reddit post with this exact Title “Austin Off the Beaten Path”. And here I am rehashing what I read because I found it interesting.

I am NOT a TV person. In fact I can not sit through an entire movie. My mind will just wander and take me to other places and I miss most of the plot. I can make it through really well done shows an episode at a time. Shows like Breaking Bad, True Blood, and even LOKI or The Boys which are so non-sensical i find them entertaining. I wish I could say I am a big Sportsball fan, but I am not. So I read. And lately I have been spending a lot of time in Reddit. I have a particular interest in everything Austin.

Why not Give r/Austin a look on Reddit – It’s Pretty Interesting

If you use Reddit you can find it under r/Austin and search for “Austin Off The Beaten Path”. The post was created about 6 years ago and it’s an interesting read. I love knowing what is on the minds of others. I especially love learning about new things whether it’s Tech or Food or Travel. My only criteria is that it makes my neurons bounce.

I found this comment about things “Off the beaten path” to be on point with my own curiosity.

I feel like with the explosion in content, there’s really no “hidden gems” that aren’t mentioned somewhere on the internet. But some are a little harder to find – I subscribe to a lot of the Austin-centric newsletters to try to keep up.

r/Austin Reddit

This interests me and she is probably correct that there really are no “Hidden Gems” at least for locals. Just things to do or places to see that are more “niche” than “mainstream”. Many of these are simply not commercial enough to be advertised and promoted by the commercial staff writers at various for profit publication so they go unnoticed. That is kind of the THEME for what I am trying to create here on UntamedAustin™ (I also like making the cool little Trademark symbol obviously)… it looks cool. So back on point all this hidden, undiscovered, less promoted or even not promoted at all part of Austin interests me.

Here is a “Short List” of Things to do in Austin, Texas:

Note: Yeah I know this is not all Off the Beaten Path Stuff. Which is Why I need you to tell everyone what is in the comments section.

  • Take a yoga class with goats. Yes, you read that right. There are several companies in Austin that offer goat yoga classes.
  • Visit the Museum of the Weird. This museum is dedicated to all things strange and unusual. It features a variety of exhibits on topics such as oddities, cryptids, and paranormal phenomena.
  • Go to a show at the Esther’s Follies theater. This theater is known for its campy and burlesque shows.
  • Visit the Broken Spoke. This dance hall is a Texas institution and has been hosting live music since 1964.
  • Take a tour of the Texas Bookman. This used bookstore is one of the largest in the world and is home to over 1 million books.
  • Visit the Cathedral of Junk. This cathedral is a giant sculpture made up of recycled materials.
  • Go to a show at the Paramount Theatre. This theater hosts a variety of performances, including Broadway shows, concerts, and comedy shows.
  • Visit the Vortex. This natural rock formation is said to have strange properties, such as making people feel dizzy or disoriented.
  • Go to a show at the Cactus Cafe. This music venue is known for its intimate setting and its support of local musicians.
  • Visit the South Congress Book Exchange. This used bookstore is located on South Congress Avenue and is known for its unique atmosphere.
  • Go to a show at the Saxon Pub. This music venue is known for its eclectic mix of live music and its friendly atmosphere.

Do You Have an “Austin Off The Beaten Path” Idea to Share

Chime in… Drop a Comment below and Share the “Hidden Gems” you have discovered. It does not have to be completely off the beaten path. Just somewthing more or less undiscovered by most people. It does not need to be generally interesting – just different.