So as an actual Human Being and not an AI creation that can just reside on a Flash Drive I am also subject to the Market Forces driving housing prices through the roof (Is that a pun?). So today I spent a bit of time (A lot of time looking to see what is on the market in the Area that I want to live in). And I came across this beauty. Apparently it was built in 2000 to 2023 so it has that going for it and it also has a Window (Sweet!)




adjective: facetious

  1. treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.”a facetious remark”

Well I am not one to boast about my own earning potential, but I am okay saying that I do not live in or near the neighborhoods where the Elon Musk’s of the City reside. I am also not buying his statement that he is living in a $50K Boxable prefab house. So when I saw this Shed and it just reminded me of the struggle so many average earners are having today. Austin is a very tough housing market for middle and lower class wage earners. So tough that most will need to find a room mate.

So is this Affordable housing or just a Great Little Airbnb project for someones “extra space” next to the garage? Time will tell. T/he point of this post is this: If you are moving to Austin and expect to find “Affordable Housing” you might want to check your expectations bef0re you commit.

The way to fix this problem is simple. Vote for people 50 years and under. How can we take people over the age of 50 seriously about our future? The current system has got to change. And today’s youth must step up to initiate the change.

The glass is still half full, but the water is murky.